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I grew up hunting ducks and geese on the flat plains in North Central Iowa. My interest in custom calls was first sparked when a buddy showed me a hedge single reed duck call made by Darrel Wright of Boone, IA. Not long after that I made the trip to Mr. Wrights shop and purchased my own custom duck call. That first "Custom Call" sparked a fire for waterfowl calling. It was only a matter of time before the interest turned into a serious hobby, and from a hobby to an obsession. The next natural progression was to make my own call. Through much trial and error, I spent hours at my lathe in the garage perfecting this craft. Now over 10 years of custom call making and call manufacturing experience, Rick Hahne Calls has developed custom calls that are unique not only in appearance and quality, but unmatched in performance and consistency. As a Tool - Maker and Machinist by trade, and Highly competitive contest caller, I have put countless hours of design and technology into my call making to ensure that you get a call that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Now the rest of the story:

My wife, Michelle, and I are the proud parents of six up-and-coming duck and goose callers and hunters. Lexi, 17, is the first employee of our company. She helps me polish and tune calls, and helps with the day-to-day running of the business. Ashley, 13, while not a contest caller, is a devoted Rick Hahne Calls enthusiast. She enjoys going along on the hunt but leaves the calling to dad and her other siblings. Gunnar, 11, is now my right hand man. He helps me in most aspects of my call making. Polishing, cleaning, tuning and packaging, he is a huge part of the future of RHC. If you've ever been to a contest and seen me, you've probably seen Gunnar at my side. With a couple of wins and top finishes under his belt already, you will be seeing more of him in the future. Kerry Joy, 9, & Lauren, 7, wears their calls around their necks and help daddy clean up the shop, along with giving him call lessons. Theron, 4, can usually be found with a call hanging out of his mouth. Then there is the Crew. These are the guy’s that have spent time with me and helped do all those things that are not on the glamorous side of call making. With out their help and enthusiasm I would not have made it this far. Thanks guys both old and new!

As you can see, it is not just an obsession; it's a way of life. My Faith, my Family and the many call enthusiasts I have met along the way, help encourage me to make the best call that I can and then stand behind it with the integrity and service demanded by Hard-Core hunters, and callers.

Best regards,
Rick Hahne

Garrett Day

Garrett Day

I have been a die hard waterfowl hunter as far back as I can remember. Hunting has always been a passion of mine, but if it hadn't been for my dad I am not sure if I would have ever got the chance to experience this great sport. I hunt as much as I can and nothing will get between me and the pursuit of waterfowl. I am on Rick Hahne Calls Field Staff and Tribal Outdoors Field Staff. If I am not at school, I am hunting!

Joe Haake

Joe Haake

As the only son born to an avid hunter, Joe was introduced to duck blinds as soon as he could walk. Joe spent the early years hunting waterfowl and fishing from Canada to Texas, but Platte County Missouri has always been home. As he got older, his father introduced him to deer hunting, Where the fundamentals of planning and scouting were emphasized as much as safety.

By his early teens, Joe found himself providing guide services to family and friends, and surrounded himself with people who shared his passion. After his father passed away Joe continued to spend time afield and although he still enjoys deer hunting, Joe's true passion is found in waterfowl.

Joe now spends his hunting season's chasing waterfowl throughout North West Missouri and East Central Kansas along the lakes, rivers, and grain fields. He is also involved with his local Ducks Unlimited Chapter, and also try's to get more young hunter's afield every year. Joe lives outside Platte City, Missouri with his wife Adrienne and daughter Lena.

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