We are RHC

Progressive call designs and calling styles help push Rick Hahne Calls to the forefront of call making innovations. Being surrounded by like minded callers and hunters help make a culture that has developed RHC into a community of sportsmen and women with the purpose of educating and passing on tradition to our future generations. Join us in helping!

to Craftmanship

Over 20 years of custom call making and call manufacturing experience, Rick Hahne Calls has developed custom calls that are unique, not only in appearance and quality, but unmatched in performance and consistency

As a Toolmaker and Machinist by trade, and highly competitive contest caller, superior design and technology with two decades of experience is put into each call to ensure that it will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Our History

Rick grew up hunting the flat plains in North Central Iowa. The interest in custom calls was first sparked when a buddy showed him a hedge single-reed duck call made by Darrel Wright of Boone, IA. Not long after that, he made the trip to Mr. Wright’s shop and purchased his own custom duck call. That first “Custom Call” sparked a fire for waterfowl calling. It was only a matter of time before the interest turned into a serious hobby, and from a hobby to an obsession. The next natural progression was to make his own call. Through much trial and error, countless hours were spent perfecting this craft. As you can see, it is not just an obsession; it’s a way of life. Faith, Family, and the many call enthusiasts met along the way, help encourage RHC to make the best calls they can, and then stand behind it with the integrity and service demanded by hard-core hunters and callers.